XLS Regenerator


Recover corrupted or deleted Excel files


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XLS Regenerator is a program designed to recover XLS (Excel) documents that for whatever reason have been damaged, corrupted, or simply deleted or accidentally overwritten.

The program's success is based on the face that, unlike other similar programs, it attempts to recover the corrupted files from the disc itself, rather than from the damaged file. In addition, the you can also recover files you thought you had deleted using the same technique, or simple recover the content it had before you last saved it.

XLS Regenerator can work with any file system, doesn't touch the system files, and has an autocomplete feature that allows you to leave the program while you recover a file and start back where you left off later on.

Requires Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003.


While using the trial version, you can view the recovered files, but you can't save them. The autocomplete feature is deactivated.

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